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Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
of reason. you worked in the obama white house, does it shock you when lindsey graham stands up and votes against this. he's somewhat a respected member of the senate. >> nothing shocks me any more. the republican party has been moving away from disability for some time. when you look at other things that the congress has focused on medicaid, healthcare, the affordable care act, even looking at what's going on with the fiscal cliff right? are we going to balance our budget by lessoning lessening the support to those with disability or focus on those at the top 1%. this trend is ongoing and i hope it doesn't continue. the bipartisan tradition around disability is longstanding, and i think it's mourn. it's one of those few issues that traditionally both republicans and democrats can agree on, and i hope we can get back to that point. a lot of work need to be done in the republican party for us to get there. >> eliot: your point is so well taken. there should be no disagreement about extending rights to those with disabilities. this is not a partisan issue. it has not been historically a par
Dec 6, 2012 2:00am PST
are simply failing. the rhetoric coming out of the white house has been fine. the president obama even mentioned quote the destructive power of a warming planet in his acceptance speech last month but time for talk is over. now the is the time for action. here with me now to tell me if we should start preparing for the earth as we know it. joe rome. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we're very close or even maybe at a tipping point beyond which the capacity to pull back the impact of co2 pouring intoous atmosphere may well nigh impossible. >> no question it's getting--the impacts are getting more noticeable. we're seeing super storms we haven't seen before. hurricane sandy was the most destructive ever reported. it's the combination of the warmer ocean temperatures make the storms stronger, feeds it more water and then the sea level rise. it's going to be get higher and higher and it's going to make the storm surges like sandy worse and worse. people should know we still have time to act. we can still avert the worse but time is certainly running out. >> cenk: on
Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
. [ gunfire ] >> seriously, mitt romney is going to meet president obama at the white house and after three weeks of dealing with the benghazi scandal and the fiscal cliff, obama is prepared to offer romney a position in the administration, president of the united states. [ laughter ] >> you've been warned, harry reid! take away mitch mcconnell's filibuster and he will strike back! by obstructing everything you do! or let him keep the filibuster so he can obstruct everything you do! [ gunfire ] >> still to come, an easy recipe perfect for entertaining. >> also the reason why the latest royal visit was extra special. for the douche -- duke and duchess of cambridge. >> are you crying? >> because the cooker -- because the workers won't make my muffins anymore. >> what religion is involved with christmas? what religion? >> christianity. >> that's not a religion. that's a philosophy. >> okay. don't tell me what i think. when i said i didn't have a problem, i don't have a problem. got it? >> give the people their
Dec 5, 2012 2:00am PST
believe in gun control should bring all the pressure we can to where it might make a difference. the white house. when president obama was in tough straights he went back and did something. i've been fighting this battle for a long time as attorney general, the governor, now for what i believe in. it's time for president obama to stand up to the bullies of the n.r.a. and gun advocates. no more excuses about protecting votes. now is the time to take a tough stand on oh the issues we believe in. marshall your forces, mr. president and bring real change. gun control is necessary and delay means more death and horror. for more on how to make mentionful change on the issue i'm joined by a colorado shooting survivor and now and outreach assistant with the mayor. thank you both for joining us. this issue comes back repeatedly and unfortunately fades into oblivion just as quickly. can you sense in your day to day advocacy, day to day since this horrific day over the weekend what has changed? >> i really believe the momentum is in my favor. people are as fed up as bob costas is with the state of af
Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
. >> eliot: in the last election republicans got roundly panned as the party of angry old white men. 71% of hispanic voters chose president obama. so did 93% of african-americans and 55% of female voters. so you would think that republicans would finally reach out to women and minorities, but you would be wrong. that brings us to the number of the day zero. that's the number of women or people of color who will chair a committee in the house of representatives next year. some how out of 19 chairmanships every single one had to go to some old or middle aged white guy. look at some of the new committee leaders. jeb hensarling on financial services, ed royce on foreign affairs. mike mccaul on homeland security. and lamar smith who still doesn't thing climate change is caused by human behavior, and now he's in charge of, wow the science committee. you could find more diversity at a glenn beck book signing. >>science and republicans do not mix. >>now it's your turn at the only online forum with a direct line to eliot spitzer. >>join the debate now. >> eliot: how do you convention millions of
Nov 30, 2012 5:00pm PST
of mitt romney jokes. i was glad to see it. your joke on white turkey. you know what, it was turkey white chilly, that means he had leverovers. but at least obama did not serve him crow. >> eliot: who knows nobody knows if it was turkey or crew. >> this is when mitt romney got free stuff that we paid for is. >> eliot: what do you make of the lunch? >> i thought it was a great opportunity for both men to look really good and they blew it. they could have agreed on something that would have made the two of them look great. and mitt romney needs it more than barack obama at this point. nothing happened, and they were cordial enough. >> eliot: i was surprised something tangible was not allowed. the president is gracious and bipartisan and romney needs something to stay relevant. >> he's bipartisan. he made the obama healthcare plan. >> eliot: i have to give matt miller credit for this idea. he could have asked mitt romney to chair a council on healthcare cost. you're a numbers guy. you're the consultant. figure out where we can in a humane way drive costs down and give us good ideas. that wou
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)